Monday, 2 January 2012

Yet another obsession of mine...

At one time I also had an obsession with droplets, and how brilliantly perfect they look. It is always so hard to get timing right on these, but the pleasant surprise when you look at the screen on your camera and its right is great!  

I took this photo just over 2 years ago in my bathroom, and I still can't get over how perfect the droplets are, they look so simple and delicate, and the distorted reflections in them are amazing. I tried to get the composition symmetrical, but as you can see its a little out.... Maybe I shall do this photo again and try! To take this I used a shutter speed of 320 and an aperture of F/3.5 to balance the light. I also used manual focus because droplets are a bugger to focus! 

I have done many other droplet photos, but I just need to find them out of the millions of photos I have that fill up my iPhoto. I will post them soon!

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