Sunday, 1 January 2012

That Vintage Girl

These photos below are some from the first ever portfolio shoot I ever did! The model is called Rufaro, and she was utterly perfect and one of the best models I have ever had. I set the photo shoot at The Bantock House, in Finchfield, Wolverhampton. This was because the model had that vintage, quirky style about her, which the house had. It was very hard getting the lighting right because I had no external lighting to help, and we all know on camera flash is hideous! 

And this last one below is my favourite from all the photos I took on the day. I sat the model oposite a window which gave me the perfect lighting to work with. I had no flash or external lighting at the time because it was very early in my photography stage so I did find it hard to get lighting this good. I just think she had a lovely even skin tone all over, with the glossy chair behind glowing nicely, still keeping the detail in the shadows. I probably used a shutter speed of 80 and an aperture of F/5.6 to take this, keeping the ISO at 100 because noisy photos are the worst!

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