Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rainbow Water.

I took these earlier today, to kick start my unit 4 art project off, which is on... Yes you guessed it, water! I chose this particular exam question to base my unit on because, it is so broad. I don't think there are many things you can't do with water, and it plays a big part in an obsession of mine: REFLECTION! I want to manly focus on the reflections of water, and the movement. It is so unpredictable in what it does and what shapes it makes.
I find it very difficult to make droplet photos because of the timing of it, and also getting the focus exactly where it needs to be, the droplet.
My boyfriend has a natural talent at droplet photos, which I am very jealous of... If you would like to see any of them they are shown in his flickr stream.

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