Saturday, 4 February 2012

Girls will be girls.

These were taken back in mid 2011; my previous model Naomi had a friend who was part of a photography group in tettenhall wood, and I thought I might be cheeky and tag along to take a few snaps of her (and myself, obviously) using their studio lighting. The group did each have to pay money to hire out the room, but you never get anything for free these days! 
Anyway, I took these photos when Naomi had gone for a outfit change, and her being a typical girl, she took a while... 
I really love the simplicity of the first photo. In black and white it picks out the tones in my hair and shirt. This is the reason I like black and white photos so much; everything has its place in the photo and nothing is more important. 
In the second photo, colour is key. My lips and shirt are very bright under the lighting, and my skin tone also looks eye catching. The structure of this photo isn't as good as the first, but its always hard getting proportion right on self portraits.

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